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Fertility Professional
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Personalised Support

Every fertility journey is unique

Hi. I’m Eleanor Wharf: Fertility Coach and Clinical Embryologist

After more than twenty years working in one of the busiest IVF clinics in the UK, I couldn’t ignore the increasing need for honest conversations, clear information and a forward-facing approach to support people through what is a supremely challenging journey. The choices and decision-making needed, whatever stage you are at, have become so much more complex – yet a Google search will send you in a million different directions. Finding someone who understands the science, and is qualified to listen carefully to your individual needs has become invaluable to reduce anxiety and feel more in control.

Fertility Coaching

Sitting in the waiting room wondering what will happen during your appointment, or finding questions popping into your head the minute you leave the clinic? Trying to decide how to choose a sperm donor, or looking to get your head around the vast menu of ‘add-ons’? Coaching sessions invite you to think clearly and find new confidence that you are getting the best from any treatment you may be having, armed with trusted information from a seasoned expert.

Coaching or Counselling?

Fertility counselling is there for you if you are struggling to cope from day to day, or perhaps you need to deal with a loss or grief after an event in the past. Fertility coaching is also a confidential, non-judgemental space to talk, but sessions are focussed more on planning for what is coming next, re-framing thoughts and empowering you with knowledge. My coaching clients come away from their sessions better informed, knowing what questions they might need to ask of the professionals at their clinic, and more prepared for the ups and downs that can make this process so hard.

Why should I seek support, I’m fine?

Understanding that you might benefit from expert support in your fertility journey is a sign of strength. Coaching is currently one of the fastest-growing industries for a reason – many of the world’s best leaders choose to receive coaching to build resilience, motivate themselves and gain personal insights to discover what might be holding them back. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with someone who employs a coach – they just want the best for themselves. I’m passionate about helping you get the best from your experience, whether you are in the process of working out what are the first steps, or making the decision to stop treatment and find your next positive move forward.

I’m running the UK’s first in-house Fertility Coaching Clinic and regularly support patients to have a better experience of their fertility treatment. I work with individuals and couples. Book your free introductory call today and find out how I might help you too.

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